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mtmPlanner - web reservations system

 System mtm Planner is a tool which allows to make reservations by way of Your Internet website. It has been created with a broadly defined conception of the HoReCa business trade, so we invite to cooperate with us not only hotels, motels, spa resorts or campsites, but also rental companies and other entities whose business activities are based on the reservation of resources. After a few adjustments the tool will manage perfectly in restaurants (booking of tables), beauty and hairdressing salons (booking of appointments), private surgeries and dental surgeries, etc.

The fundamental virtue of mtm Planner is the fact that it is not just a plug-in to a website which sends email messages to a reception desk. It is the complete tool which checks current vacancies and informs about available rooms and dates while the clients are making their reservations. Additionally, all the steps taken in the system are confirmed to the users by sending automatic email messages which include gratitude and reservation details such as a reservation date and hotel address.

mtmPlanner for the client means:

  • convenience - the client has an opportunity to book a room in a modern way
  • flexibility – the client can book a chalet even on a Sunday night when Your reception desk in not working
  • saving of time – our basis is simplicity: the reservation is made in two simple steps

mtmPlanner for the hotel means:

  • convenience and saving of time – it takes off part of duties from the reception desk (the majority of activities becomes automatic and available by clicking the right buttons)
  • flexibility – the system is in a stand-by mode when your telephone line is busy or the reception desk is not working.
  • a perfect marketing tool.

You are welcome to visit our project web site mtmPlanner.

mtmPlanner | best way to get in touch with Your clients

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